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Custom Wheels at The Chrome Pros

Custom wheels are some of the most important after market parts that you can purchase for your vehicle. Custom wheels do three things for a vehicle: increases fuel miles per gallon, improves handling and stability, and can be custom made for sheer looks. Due to the popularity of custom wheels, there have been several new entrants in the market of producing these wheels. Many of these manufacturers sell their merchandise through wholesalers. Finding the right wholesaler who is closer to the customer than the manufacturer is key to finding the best deals and the most honest service. At www.thechromepros.com you can be assured that their vast selection of custom tires will have what you are looking for. Not only can you expect a great selection, but their pricing and customer service is second to none.

Many wholesalers that are closer to the manufacturer than the customer will tend to charge extra to better benefit them and their providers. Honest custom wheel companies will pass the savings that they make from buying directly to the customer. This is what The Chrome Pros pride themselves on, and the customer can be assured that they will receive all of the help and information that they need to make an educated decision when buying their custom wheels. Purchasing custom wheels affects three aspects of your vehicle. The importance of making the right decision when buying custom wheels cannot be overlooked. Informative sites such as www.thechromepros.com provide the customer with information regarding each and every custom wheel that they offer.

Different custom wheels are often made with one main attribute in mind. Although most custom wheels will improve the overall performance of a vehicle, many custom wheels are manufactured with either handling, stability, design, or fuel economy in mind. Many of the average consumers will look for custom tires that have a balanced performance of all of the aforementioned. These tires can drastically improve the overall handling of your vehicle. No matter the model of automobile that you own, custom wheels will always improve performance.

Another aspect of custom wheels are their rims. The rims for custom wheels can be made with intricate designs or for pure functionality. In most cases, custom wheels made for functionality will still have above average design, but will be made to better support the tire. Custom rims made for design are visually appealing and draw a lot of attention. If your goal is to purchase a rim for design purposes then you have a huge amount of choices to pick from. These rims often have hand created designs and moving parts. The moving parts of a rim are known as spinners. Spinners often rotate opposite of wheel rotation so they can more easily seen. The added design of the rim's spokes with a spinner in the background creates an impressive sight. Either way, custom wheels are sure to draw attention and improve performance.

At The Chrome Pros, someone on a budget can obtain even the most intricate of custom wheels with their blowout specials. These deals are often changing and should always be followed by those looking for the ultimate deal in terms of custom wheels. The quality and brand of the tires offered by www.thechromepros.com in their blowout specials are of the highest standard, and makes purchasing these high end custom wheels a possibility for anyone. Custom wheels can be a bit expensive, but when you know about The Chrome Pros purchasing custom wheels becomes a much easier process. Not only do you know that you are getting honest deals that are geared for the general public, but their custom wheels are of the highest quality. Although expensive, purchasing custom wheels can save you money in the long run, which makes them a very good investment.

Custom wheels don't have to be purchased in sets of four. You can design your own wheel or choose a pre made custom and purchase them one at a time or in sets of two or four. If you don't have the expenses to purchase an entire set at a time, then you can get one and then save for the others. Custom wheels are well worth setting aside from money for, especially if you want to make your vehicle as good as it can be. You can ever purchase the tire and rim separately. This means that you can apply your old tire to the new rim, assuming that the dimensions are right. At www.thechromepros.com, you can find specials when you purchase custom wheels in sets, such as free shipping on orders of sets of four.

At www.thechromepros.com you can expect to encounter a very simple and easy to use website. All of their custom wheel sizes and available brands are listed on the homepage, making quick navigation very easy, which helps you find what you're looking for that much faster. The Chrome Pros aren't just wholesalers, either. The Chrome Pros have technicians that will fit your orders so that you can be sure that they will fit your vehicle when they arrive. The Chrome Pros have one of the largest inventories in the business, so if you have an exotic vehicle then look to www.thechromepros.com for finding custom wheels. Even if The Chrome Pros do not have what you are looking for, they will get it for you. With many other after market parts wholesalers, the manufacturers warranties become invalid when they customize their manufacturer's parts. The Chrome Pros have manufacturer's warranties on all of their merchandise, so after you purchase your custom wheels you can have peace of mind that they are warranty protected.

The Chrome Pros have a huge selection of custom wheels. They have wheel sizes that range from fifteen-inches all the way up to thirty-two inches. To go along with this massive selection of sizes, they also carry all of the most popular brands in the industry. Their custom wheels also come in several different specialty materials, such as Teflon or chrome. The Chrome Pros also offer a newsletter to all of their registered members that keep you up to date on new blowout specials and new specials for purchasing tires in sets.

There are many stereotypes that surround custom wheels. Many individuals view custom wheels as merely design pieces with no other purpose. Custom wheels aren't just for looks, and there is no better place to get custom wheels for performance and design than at www.thechromepros.com. When your vehicle came off the production line, it was equipped with stock parts. Guidelines dictate how the manufacturer produces their vehicles, and the same stock parts are put into every vehicle. Some might think that manufacturers use certain stock parts because they are best for the vehicle's performance. This assumption is false. Manufacturers use stock parts because they are often the cheapest parts that meet the minimum standards for the performance that the manufacturer wants to advertise. This means that there is a ton of potential in most vehicles, but with stock parts, this potential is never met.

The purchasing of custom wheels helps to rectify this problem. Custom wheels will never hurt any vehicle for which they are properly fitted on to. Custom wheels will only serve to help your vehicle and to further boost its potential. Many of the original manufacturer's warranties become void when stock parts are replaced with after market parts such as custom wheels. Even though custom wheels improve performance, the manufacturer can't trust that they were fitted or manufactured properly. At The Chrome Pros, their technicians will create a perfect fit for every custom wheel. The Chrome Pros also have such a good reputation that you may retain your manufacturer's warranty after equipping them with custom wheels from www.thechromepros.com. If not, your wheels are still protected by their warranties.

As mentioned previously, custom wheels improve the handling, stability, fuel economy, and design of a vehicle. To improve a vehicle's handling is to create a completely different driving experience. The vehicle will turn on a dime and will provide the owner with confidence which is invaluable on our roads. The added safety benefits of better handling can be life saving. Avoiding danger on the streets becomes extremely easy with custom wheels. The Chrome Pros will see to it that your custom wheels receive the proper attention so that they can achieve this feat. Improved handling does more than increase your driving ability; it will also save you fuel due to the more efficient driving caused by the improved handling.

Stability is invaluable for maintaining a properly functioning vehicle. Custom wheels will create a much smoother ride, which will create a much better driving experience. Aside from this, custom wheels will also serve to balance your automobile better. This will cause less vibration on the major systems of the vehicle, such as the drive shaft and the undercarriage. Stock wheels can wear quickly and become unbalanced; the tires can even slip off the rims. Unbalanced wheels cause immense vibrations which wreak havoc on the vehicle. Brake lines can rupture and the car's support system can become compromised. All of this adds up to a shorter life span for your vehicle, and ultimately, more money spent on repairs. As you can see, the added stability from custom wheels can make a huge difference in your vehicles performance and health. At The Chrome Pros your wheels will be fitted so that they retain their balance and functionality, saving you money and prolonging the life of your car.

Probably one of the more appealing aspects of custom wheels to the average consumer is the fact that custom wheels often improve the fuel economy of a vehicle. On smaller vehicles, larger tires means that less rotations are needed to achieve your desired speed. Due to the fact that smaller vehicles are already fuel efficient, less rotations requires less power, which saves gasoline. Larger vehicles can also benefit from the fuel economy custom wheels can offer. It isn't rare that the stock wheels many large vehicles come equipped with aren't optimized for fuel economy. At www.thechromepros.com, they will find the right custom wheels to get the job done.

Everyone knows about the design benefit of custom wheels. Many vehicle owners customize their automobiles to be as visually stunning as possible. Custom wheels have become one of the most important parts of a custom vehicle. Custom wheels can be made with exotic colors and intricate hand designs. Add this with a spinner or other background designs and the custom wheel quickly becomes the main piece of the vehicle. Custom wheels are often viewed as status symbols in today's society. This means that your vehicle will draw wanted attention and you will earn respect on the roads. Some of the biggest names in custom wheels are available at www.thechromepros.com, so you know that you are getting the best from The Chrome Pros.

Perhaps the best way to utilize custom wheels is to fit them on performance cars. Performance cars benefit immensely from custom wheels. Often the cars are outfitted with all of the horsepower in the world and the most technologically advanced systems to date. While this is nice, these cars are also often outfitted with some variety of stock tire. To make full use out of the car's implemented features, custom wheels are needed. Custom wheels will do the same for performance cars as they do for all other vehicles. The effect is just magnified because of the added performance that these cars are built with. At The Chrome Pros you can find a wide selection of custom wheels that will be perfect matches for your performance car. All of that power is useless if you can't control it.

As previously stated, The Chrome Pros offer some of the biggest names in the custom wheel industry. The most popular brands that they offer are MSR Wheels, MHT, Boss Wheels, ION, American Racing, DUB, DIP, Lexani, Sacchi, and SHOOZ. Each of these companies design their custom wheels for certain markets. This means that they each have unique attributes to both the company and to the market for which they are designed for. Knowing this differences will help you in your search for custom wheels when you visit www.thechromepros.com.

MSR wheels is one the most established names in the custom wheel industry. Often featured at high class car shows such as SEMA, they are known for dabbling in all markets of custom wheels, and doing it to perfection. MSR wheels manufacture all varieties of custom wheels, whether you are looking for performance, handling, stability, or for fuel economy, you will find that MSR wheels produces all of them. At The Chrome Pros, you can find all of these custom wheels at unbeatable prices. Purchasing MSR wheels guarantees quality and longevity, largely due to their popular name. You will find a huge selection of MSR wheels at www.thechromepros.com.

MHT is another major player in the custom wheel market. MHT is known for being a bit bolder in design than MSR wheels, so for the consumer looking for designer wheels then look no further. MHT wheels are produced in a huge array of color combinations and eye catching designs. While MHT custom wheels might not be as good for performance as an MSR wheel, they will certainly create more commotion amongst those that witness them. The Chrome Pros have all of the latest MHT has to offer, so if you are looking for a wheel that has some of the best custom artwork around, try browsing the MHT wheels at www.thechromepros.com.

Boss Motorsports has been involved in the production of after market parts for some time. Specializing in performance, Boss wheels are sure to please those looking to get the most out of their vehicle. When you purchase a Boss custom wheel, you know that you are getting a wheel manufactured by one of the most reputable names in the industry. The Chrome Pros offer several Boss wheels that are sure to increase the performance of your vehicle.

ION is a newer company in the custom wheel industry. Being one of the smaller dealers, ION has created a name for itself by offering a custom wheel that is both visually appealing and performance based for the masses. This means that ION can sell its custom wheel to wholesalers for less, meaning that The Chrome Pros can offer huge savings on this brand of custom wheel. ION produces a wide array of simple custom wheels, ranging in size, but often produced in either silver or chrome. If you want a balanced custom wheel at a very affordable price, then try looking for ION wheels at www.thechromepros.com.

Just going by the brand name of American Racing, one can deduct that this company has been in the business for a long time. Featuring the symbolic hot rod stamp, American Racing has been a top producer of custom wheels for years. As one would expect from a brand known as American Racing their reliability and customer service is unparalleled. The Chrome Pros offers a wide selection of American Racing wheels that are sure to please those looking for an established company with years of experience. American Racing custom wheels excel at being durable and long lasting.

DUB exploded into the custom wheel industry with debuts featuring designs geared toward a younger market. DUB has managed to create a custom wheel that incorporates extreme design and good performance. DUB custom wheels are sure to have something for those looking for a wheel that is second to none in modern design. The Chrome Pros carry several of the most popular models of DUB custom wheels that would otherwise cost more than the average consumer could afford. DUB is quickly becoming one of the top players in this industry, and show no signs of slowing down.

DIP is much like DUB, but they offer a wider selection of models which appease those on a budget. DIP custom wheels might not be as intricate as DUB wheels, but they are still visually stunning and provide solid performance. All of this comes with a cheaper price tag which makes DIP custom wheels a viable option for many consumers. The Chrome Pros carry many different DIP models, at prices that would appease all budgets.

Lexani is the Rolls-Royce of custom wheel manufacturing. Lexani manufactures their custom wheels out of the best materials available. Anyone who is looking to get pure quality out of their custom wheels should check out our selection of Lexani wheels. Lexani custom wheels are unparalleled in quality and durability. These custom wheels are the most expensive of any other brand, but are well worth it for those who are looking to make their vehicle of the highest quality. There are several different models of Lexani wheels, so no matter the model of your vehicle, we will have a Lexani wheel for you. To those that know the industry, Lexani custom wheels are bar none.

Sacchi is a custom wheel manufacturer that also specializes in several other after market parts. Sacchi is a very reliable company that can appease many different consumers. Sacchi produces balanced custom wheels that range in size and price. There are custom wheels for those on a budget and wheels for those who are looking to go all out. Sacchi's experience in the after market industry makes them a very popular choice amongst buyers. At www.thechromepros.com, you will find Sacchi wheels that fit all categories at unbeatable prices.

SHOOZ is one of the newest companies in the industry. To make themselves unique, SHOOZ simply made their wheels different than anyone else. SHOOZ has created some of the mot sought after designs in recent years because they are unlike any other. SHOOZ custom wheels are some of the most recognizable on the street just by glancing at them. Anyone who is looking the stand out and be original will appreciate the radical designs that SHOOZ has to offer. SHOOZ custom wheels are also offered at www.thechromepros.com. With all of these brand names at unbeatable prices and selections, it is no wonder that The Chrome Pros are one of the most trusted and reliable names in the business. For all of your custom wheel needs, check out www.thechromepros.com for the best deals around!