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Wholesale Wheels


Whether you refer to it as upgrading or pimping your ride one of the fundamental changes people make to their vehicles is to customize their tires and rims to their specific tastes. A simple wheel change can make any stock car into a specialized work of art that many individuals use as an extension of their personality. Big boisterous individuals might have larger tires than normal while smooth laid-back vehicle owners might decide to go with a smaller tire with special treads and rims to give them that sweet low-riding appeal that so many guys love and the ladies adore.

The problem with wheels and rims is that they are usually incredibly expensive. Rims alone can cost multiple thousands of dollars from some shops. This is why many people that want those high-end tires will go after aftermarket wholesale wheels that are every bit as good as their retail value cousins but at a far lower price. Having a "fly" ride is important to the social consciousness of many people, but the capacity to afford to drive that vehicle is more important. What is the point of spending several thousand dollars on wheels when you can't afford to drive it down the street?

At our site we sell custom aftermarket wheels at wholesale prices. Wholesale wheels vary in price from store to store but ours are consistently low priced and of the highest quality. We specialize in custom orders in specific colors, sizes, tread types, and styles.

We have a wide variety of brands that ranges from Akita, Alba, and American Eagle to Veloche and Venti Plus. The sizes we custom sell range from fifteen inch to thirty-two inch.

Manufacturer's Warranty

The manufacturer's warranty is in full effect working to help our customer's avoid defects in workmanship and costly expenses if such defects to occur. If defects are discovered and you have a warranty related issue on a set of tires we sold to you then feel free to call us directly at <b> 1 877 883 7705 </b> so that we can facilitate the process of accessing your warranty for the tires.


If you purchase wholesale wheels from us we will mount and balance them for you so that they are ready to be installed the moment they reach your door. We also ship your new wheels to you for free if they are purchased in sets of four or more.

A Few of The Brands We Sell

There is a huge selection of easily customizable tires and rims at our online store <b> <a href="http://www.thechromepros.com">The Chrome Pros.</a href> </b>Our wide selection of tires and rims varies wildly in coloration and design from the simple to the truly magnificent. We are constantly arranging for sales is our <b> <a href="http://www.thechromepros.com/categories/Blowout-Specials/">Blowout Specials</a href> </b> section. Some of our current specials are the Hero Ronin and the Pinnacle Lusir rims.

Akita rims are well known for their unique look and overall durability. Whether they are used for racing or simply for rolling down the street there is little that can be said in a negative fashion about these tires. We carry chrome, silver, and black versions that have customizable sizes and price points.

Our Akita rims ship directly to your door just like any other brand we sell. They will be both mounted and properly mounted for ease of use and as such they will be immediately available for installation onto the vehicle of your choice or for resale at a price you set.


Alba rims and tires come in a wide variety including force, mantis, syndicate, and wire chrome. As with out other types of wholesale wheels we can customize the size to fit any specific needs. These wheels shine and flash in the daylight and will draw any passing onlooker to their sleek finish and the other all attitude given off by any vehicle they are installed on.

American Eagle

Our American Eagle Products are without peer and no one will be able to offer better deals than our online store. We fulfill all orders on time and with quality products that have been tested for strength, durability, and aesthetic appeal. None of our American Eagle products are purchased and sold without first being tested thoroughly by our on hand staff of professionals. Some of our popular products are the AE25 Silver, the AE72 chrome, and the AE73 black and chrome.

American Eagle is a renowned company that has crafted rims for many years with precision, quality, and durability. They are some of the most sought after of all rims and our wholesale wheel selection for this brand is much greater than most of our competition. We are one of the largest suppliers of rims in the world and as such we can accomplish any number of orders no matter the size. We are quite practiced at fulfilling such orders within a reasonable time and pride ourselves on making certain that only true quality merchandise will be sent to any customer.


Our Veloche products are amazingly intricate works of art that draw people from all over the world with their sleek and inspired designs. Whether your ride would benefit from Venom Black or Spike Chrome is a personal taste but even the worst "beater" car would become a smoothly pimped out looking ride with a set of Veloche rims. At our prices we are practically giving them away compared to the competition but we can afford to do so simply because we are the best at what we do and this affords us the opportunity to continue to bring customers high-end rims at wholesale prices.


Venti Plus

These wheels range between seventeen and twenty-two inches in size are are the epitome of sleek and stylish. They are the perfect addition to any smooth ride that shows sophistication and status over power and aggression. The VP102 chrome is a particularly sought after product for upper-scale vehicle owners.

Venti Plus wheels have been purchased all over the world to allow an aspiring gearhead or custom car owner the ability to flesh out their ride in style and sleek smooth lines. They are perfect for slow rolling, just roaming around town, or for racing. Their shine and finish are without peer and anyone interested in making their vehicle look ten thousand dollars more expensive for a fraction of that price can benefit from purchasing these wheels wholesale, preferably as a set of four so that shipping and handling will be free.

Further Reasons for Purchasing Aftermarket Wholesale Wheels

A stock vehicle is what initially draws a new owner to the line of cars they wish to own. However, it is the capacity to upgrade and outfit the vehicle with custom parts and fully personalize it to individual taste that
brings the truly enthusiastic owner to a vehicle.

The engine, the body kit, and the wheels are the most often changed parts of a vehicle. Some individuals wish to persue racing, both legal and otherwise, while others want to simply roll down the street in a particularly fly ride. Still other individuals completely upgrade a vehicle from stock and then sell it for a massive profit.

There is a solid market for taking older vehicles and refitting it for modern use. One of the best possible purchases for a refitting of any vehicle is to purchase new wheels. The difference in price between retail and wholesale wheels can range from as little as ten percent to seventy percent at some stores. Either way we sell our merchandise at a price most wholesale companies cannot and no retail outlet would even dream of.

Normally a company with prices similar to ours would require either a large minimum purchase, a membership plan, or any number of legal documents to sell top-end rims like we do. However, we pride ourselves on selling to the general public at affordable prices.

Our aftermarket wheels are gathered from the best companies in the business and what has been mentioned previously is only a small sample of what we truly carry. We carry, silver, black, chrome, hybrid, and customized rims from all over the world and make them readily available from one location so that any true vehicle upgrade enthusiast can check to see what's hot and where.

The stock rims on a car are nice but that is all they are. To truly show pride in a vehicle and to allow your personality to shine through there must be aftermarket tires installed on your rig. Without them all your vehicle will say about you is "I am a car owner." With the proper rims that statement becomes "I am a car owner with a badass ride that all the ladies love and all the guys want to jack."

While the idea of guys wanting to steal your car because of the rims is not one that should be mentioned as a selling point the fact is that it actually is a good one. With the right aftermarket wheels a car becomes an item of reverence, and awe. People will know who you are by your rims because only other people who are interested in riding in style will have anything but stock parts on their vehicles.

Man or woman, a set of rims defines a vehicle. While it is true that men are mostly the ones buying expensive rims there are some ladies getting into the game in recent years. Some of these ladies are street racing femme fatales that will leave any man in the dust as she blazes a hot trail down a track or a possibly illegal backstreet.

While we can't condone normally illegal activities such as street racing we also cannot deny that you would look so much better racing down a track with our rims spinning like chrome, silver, or black symbols of your freakitude. For those who think freakitude isn't a word that is fine. You obviously don't understand how awesome our rims are. They're so sleek, and upscale that we have to make up words because there is nothing in the dictionary that can match how kickass they are.

Words might not be able to describe our wholesale wheels properly, but pictures don't lie. Check our site at <b> <a href="http://www.thechromepros.com">TheChromePros.com</a href> </b> We carry all the brands that make the scene. The few brands mentioned earlier are only a sample. We carry dozens of other styles and brands of wheels so that anyone who wants to turn their ride into a super-pimped out babe or guy magnet they can do so easily.

Some of our other brands of distinction are Boss Wheels, Black Rhino, and KMC. While much has been made of our chrome, silver, and black aftermarket coloration we also offer <b> <a href="http://www.thechromepros.com/categories/Other/">other</a href> </b> rim coloration types. We have gold, red, green, dually, and teflon to name only a few.

If actually adding them to your ride isn't what you're looking for then buying them for resale at a profit isn't a bad idea either. A lot of people make an excellent living purchasing our wholesale wheels and then reselling them for a modest profit. Some people only do this as their primary source of income and a few have even branched out into multiple locations.

While we can't promise discounts for large bulk orders, you can always feel free to call us at 1 877 883 7705. Who knows we might have a special deal that day. Even if we don't have a deal for you that day our normal prices are so low that it hardly matters.

No matter what reason you have for purchasing aftermarket wholesale wheels we have the supply if you have the demand. Come to our site at <b> <a href="http://www.thechromepros.com">thechromepros.com</a href> </b> or call us directly at our number above to find out if we have what you want. The odds say we do, and our prices say that you'll be ordering from us considering the massive difference in our costs and those of our closest competition.

Wholesale wheels are an excellent method of upgrading a ride. They turn any decent stock car into a customized ride that will be the envy of anyone and can make even the most basic of vehicle become a highly sought after item for resale if the one customizing it should desire to do so. We have one of the largest overall selections of any distributor in the world and as such we have almost any type of wheel that you could desire to add to your vehicle.

Buy them in singles or in lots of four and reap the benefits of a smoother custom ride and a pricetag that won't break your wallet. Buying them as a set of four has advantages beyond simply being symmetrical in appearance. They are also cheaper due to the free shipping and handling. Give us a shot and you'll be riding

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