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Custom Wheels

The Chrome Pros are a wheel and tire company that specializes in wholesale aftermarket wheels. Aftermarket simply means that the part in question isn't from the manufacturer of the vehicle. When manufacturers produce vehicles they are made by strict guidelines and are referred to as stock assembled vehicles. Aftermarket wheels or any other part of a vehicle that isn't added by the manufacturer is then referred to as aftermarket. This doesn't mean that aftermarket parts aren't compatible with the vehicle in question but rather that they are more expensive and would make the vehicle cost more than what the manufacturer desires. At www.thechromepros.com you can get some of the best wholesale aftermarket wheels available. Aftermarket wheels are a very wise investment for both performance and design. Let's talk about the performance advantages of having aftermarket wheels.

First, aftermarket wheels can make your vehicle drive more smoothly than it could with otherwise do with stock wheels. Stock wheels tend to be made just to meet the minimum standards of its manufacturer. Often times these standards aren't what they should be in terms of overall quality and performance. Stock wheels can easily become unaligned and wear easily. This causes an extreme alteration in terms of handling and smoothness. Aftermarket wheels are tailored specifically for your vehicle so that top performance is achieved. The overall feel of your vehicle will improve with a noticeable change in how smooth the car drives. This not only helps with the durability of the aftermarket tire, but also with the undercarriage of the vehicle. Vibrations caused by stock tires can wreak havoc on a car's suspension system. This can result in anything from a broken wheel axle to a ruptured brake line. Not only will aftermarket tires improve the smoothness of your vehicle, but it will also add years of functionality to other parts of the automobile.

Aside from the added smoothness, aftermarket tires also offer an incredibly noticeable difference in handling. The handling of a car effects its entire body; it also adds safety to the vehicle in terms of being able to avoid danger better. If a vehicle handles poorly then it will reflect on all of the major systems of an automobile. The engine will struggle to execute turns and other driving feats that would otherwise be a lot smoother with better handling. Over time this added stress on an engine can build up causing malfunctions or even a complete breakdown. Perhaps the most appealing benefit of aftermarket tires is the fact that they increase an automobile's fuel economy. Heavier and larger aftermarket wheels on smaller vehicles will add weight and cause more down force and traction with the road. This added weight will result in fewer revolutions of the tire needed to obtain a certain speed. This change can help with fuel mileage.

Aftermarket wheels also appeal to the senses. Aftermarket wheels have very intricate designs that reflect the owners individual tastes. With the added performance and style of aftermarket wheels it is no wonder why they are so popular. Many people consider aftermarket wheels to be somewhat of a status symbol. The more intricate and appealing the design of the wheel, the more onlookers envy and appreciate the owner. Custom aftermarket wheels can have many different features. These features include spinners and different lighting. When combined with the style of the rim these effects can make the entire vehicle look much, much better than it did after it came off the line.

Something that should be considered before purchasing aftermarket wheels are local and state regulations. In some cases added lighting or sound effects on aftermarket tires can be illegal. Many vehicle manufacturers also have policies in place so that if the buyer of a vehicle replaces stock parts with aftermarket parts they can then void the warranty. This is one of the many factors one should consider before buying aftermarket wheels. Contacting the manufacturer or reading the warranty that came with your vehicle will clarify this issue. With that being said, considering to purchase aftermarket wheels is still a wise decision.

At www.thechromepros.com you can be assured that you are getting a quality product at a reasonable price. Aftermarket wheels shouldn't be restricted to the wealthy and at The Chrome Pros everyone can afford some form of aftermarket wheel. Not only do The Chrome Pros offer regular excellent pricing, but they also have regular blowout specials and free shipping on wheel and tire sets of four or more. Understanding the names given to certain designs of aftermarket wheels can make finding what you are looking for less difficult.

The Illusion series consists of two layers of spokes on the rim. There are five spokes along the outside of the rim with five more spokes behind them. The second layer is placed so that they are visible between the upper layer. This style of aftermarket wheel is very popular for those looking for a sophisticated design at a modest price. Illusion wheels are often made for fifteen inch tires and smaller vehicles.

The AK series design only has one layer of spokes but this outer layer is much more intricate than other designs. Generally the five main spokes are divided into two smaller ones which gives the effect that there are ten spokes rather than five. In some cases the outer level can consist of twelve or more spokes. These spokes are often located more towards the middle of the rim to give the appearance of depth and to make the tire look larger than it actually is. The AK series are very simple and complex at the same time. There is only one layer of design yet the aftermarket wheel manages to be very appealing. These aftermarket wheels come in many different colors and are often produced in sixteen to seventeen inch sizes.

The AE series of aftermarket wheels feature similar design to that of the AK series. These wheels often have bolder features because that are meant for larger wheels and therefore have to support more weight. With that being said, the AE series still manages to maintain the sleek and simple design of the AK series while being able to support heavier weights. Some of the more popular designs of the AE series consist of a fully intact inner rim with custom designs etched into it. The AE series is meant to support seventeen to eighteen inch wheels.

The DF series of aftermarket wheels are made with the more heavier cars in mind. These rims feature sturdy designs, often with a very large five spoke outer rim and a sturdy complimentary plate behind them to add additional support and appeal. These wheels also come in a variety of materials and colors which further complement their design. The DF aftermarket wheels are made in modest sizes, able to support nineteen to twenty two inch wheels.

The 8LUG series of aftermarket wheels are made for larger vehicles such as trucks or SUVs. These wheels are very thick in design. The designs are much like the other series of tires, mostly consisting of one layer of five spokes. The appearance of these rims are unique when compared with the others due to the larger spokes and rim. These rims are very intimidating when fitted with the appropriate tire. The 8LUG series is meant for very large wheels of up to twenty eight inches in diameter.

The LT series of aftermarket wheels are the biggest. If you own a large utility vehicle such as a Hummer or an Escalade, then this wheel should be considered if you are look to purchase aftermarket wheels. The immense size of the rim warrants the very large spokes of the design. Often times these spokes can't afford to be any smaller due to the sheer size of the vehicles they are used with. The ultimate in intimidation, thirty two inch LT aftermarket wheels are sure to cause commotion amongst those who witness them.

At The Chrome Pros, www.thechromepros.com, you can get all of the aforementioned styles of custom wheels and more. Many aftermarket wheel companies would charge extra for such a wide selection of wheels; this is not the case with The Chrome Pros. The Chrome Pros also have custom color options.

Aftermarket wheels are rarely made out of the material that stock wheels are made with. This is because if one wishes to purchase an aftermarket wheel then they want performance and style. Making an aftermarket wheel out of substandard material would have detrimental effects to its overall design and functionality. Aftermarket wheels are made out of only the most durable of metals and are often coated with protective material that also serves as part of the wheel's design.

One such material is chrome. Chrome is probably the most popular choice of finish on aftermarket tires because it provides excellent protection and maintains its characteristic shine for many years. Chrome wheels are very easy to clean and maintain on top of being extremely durable and visually appealing. Chrome wheels cost a bit extra than silver wheels but are wheel worth the investment if you have the money.

Silver aftermarket wheels have the same characteristics of chrome but do not keep their features as long. Many consumers that purchase silver aftermarket wheels like the rustic appearance of the naturally strong and beautiful metal. Silver aftermarket wheels are also an economical choice for those looking to buy their first set of custom wheels.

Aftermarket wheels can also be coated with colored finish. These finished are meant to last and are very easy to maintain, much like chrome. A very popular choice is black and red but some brands offer a wide selection of colored finishes. At www.thechromepros.com you can find all of the aforementioned designs as well as several others, including neon green and Teflon. Although these tires are more customized than the normal aftermarket tire, they are still very affordable.

The Chrome Pros also offer aftermarket tires from the largest manufacturers in the world. They obtain these wheels at a direct price and offer the savings to the consumer. This way the consumer can be assured that the aftermarket wheel they are getting is the absolute best in terms of quality and performance. Knowing more about these brands will help you make a decision on what brand is best for you.

MSR Wheels specializes in affordable rims for sixteen to eighteen inch wheels. MSR Wheels is a widely known brand that produces wheels exclusively in the United States. MSR is often the featured brand at most major auto shows in the country. The MSR brand focuses its aftermarket wheel production for performance. Their wheels are specially designed to improve the performance and handling of a car. If you want a top brand in performance wheels, then MSR is the brand for you. Many popular vehicle customization shops use MSR tires for their excellent performance and sleek design.

MHT is a relatively new aftermarket wheel company that specializes in wheels for performance cars. MHT wheels offer a perfect balance between performance and functionality. Their wheel sizes range from twenty to twenty two inches. One of the things that MHT does to separate itself from other aftermarket wheel companies is create their wheels from the best alloy around. Any consumer that appreciates quality will love these wheels. MHT also produces their aftermarket wheels in many different colors. MHT wheels are not for everyone as they are more expensive than most aftermarket wheels. They are, however, worth the buy for anyone who can afford them because their quality assures durability for several years.

Boss Motorsports is the leading manufacturer of aftermarket wheels. Otherwise known as American Eagle, Boss Motorsports produces a wide variety of performance aftermarket tires. Boss Wheels have two main production plants located in the United States that supply their aftermarket wheels to us. Unlike other major chains, Boss Wheels is family owned. They are renowned for their customer service and affordable pricing to wholesalers. Anyone who purchases a Boss wheel can be assured that the wheel is back by years of reputation and is backed by excellent customer support.

ION wheels isn't as large as some of the other major aftermarket wheel manufacturers but that doesn't mean that they don't produce a quality product. ION has made a name for itself for its wide selection of quality wheels. ION produces truck and car aftermarket wheels. Their wheels are also offered in numerous sizes and materials, making ION very versatile. If you are having trouble finding what you are looking for then look for our ION wheels.

American Racing is a legendary name in the aftermarket wheel and part manufacturing business. Backed by decades of experience, the hot rod stamped American Racing wheels are guaranteed to last and perform as expected. Due to the popularity of the American Racing brand, their wheels have become some of the most popular in the country. It is because of this popularity that American Racing has become the most trusted name in the aftermarket wheel industry. If you want to make a safe buy then you can't go wrong with American Racing aftermarket wheels.

In recent years, DUB wheels has created a name for itself in the aftermarket wheel industry. DUB wheels are known for their urban designs. DUB wheels has geared its marketing toward the younger driver but everyone will appreciate the effort they put into each one of their wheels. If you are looking for a unique wheel with flair then search our DUB tires.

DIP wheels are known for their spinners and other eccentric design features. DIP might not be as large as the other aftermarket wheel manufacturers but that doesn't stop them from producing some of the most unique and sought after wheels in the market. DIP wheels are much like DUB in the sense that they target the same market, but differ with their specialized spinners and designs. If you are looking for something a little over the top then try looking at out DIP wheels.

Lexani wheels are customized specifically for top end luxury cars. Their wheels have a very modern and sophisticated design that goes well with models such as the Rolls-Royce. Lexani hand makes many of the designs in their aftermarket wheels. Such designs can be anything from hand cut art to diamond plated graphics. While Lexani aftermarket wheels can be a bit on the expensive side they are definitely worth it. If you are looking to make your car all it can be, then browse our Lexani tires for unparalleled quality.

Sacchi wheels is an aftermarket wheel manufacturer that appeals to a broader consumer base. Sacchi produces a variety of car wheels at very affordable costs for their wholesalers. These wheels do not sacrifice quality for price, however. Their wheels are made out of some of the best material out there and are still very well designed. Although these wheels might not be as intricate as some, they are definitely just as durable and give the same performance. If you are on a budget and need a quality aftermarket wheel that doesn't compromise, try viewing out selection of Sacchi wheels.

SHOOZ wheels might not be the most well known aftermarket wheel manufacturer but to those that do know of them recognize their cutting edge design and functionality. SHOOZ wheels are meant to be visually stunning. The art of customizing a vehicle is about being original and unique. SHOOZ recognizes this desire and sates it with perfection. SHOOZ wheels look like nothing else manufactured. Their designs will turn heads and impress even the most critical of critics. If your aim is to be as unique and original as possible then look no further than SHOOZ.

Those are some of the most popular brands in the aftermarket wheel industry and they are all available at www.thechromepros.com. The Chrome Pros recognizes that aftermarket wheels are sought by many individuals that might not be able to afford them. The Chrome Pros makes it possible for everyone to get some of these brand name aftermarket wheels.

In wholesaling, the wholesaler is closer to the consumer than to the supplier. We want to make our wheels affordable for the general public and we achieve that goal through various specials and regular low prices. Our wheels range in price from one hundred dollars to two thousand. We have a price range for everyone. The use of aftermarket wheels shouldn't be for just the rich or those with fancy cars. We want the average consumer to be able to outfit their vehicle with the same performance enhancing aftermarket wheels that they do.

On top of our selection of top quality aftermarket wheels we also offer excellent customer service. As previously mentioned our blowout specials make even the most luxurious of aftermarket wheels available to the general public. We also have a newsletter about our aftermarket wheels so our clients can be aware of new deals and special offers the moment they become available. Also, our brand selection goes even further than the popular brands mentioned above. If you have a particular taste in aftermarket wheels then chances are we have what you want at a more affordable price than you would find anywhere else.

The Chrome Pros specializes in providing a luxury to the general public at a very affordable price. The easy layout of www.thechromepros.com makes browsing and finding your next aftermarket wheel as easy as it could be. Here you can be assured that you are getting a very honest price for quality products. Our wheels are guaranteed to please and will not disappoint. At The Chrome Pros we are certain that once you visit our site and browse out offers you will keep coming back for your aftermarket wheel needs. The Chrome Pros is not your ordinary aftermarket wheel company. Many other aftermarket wheel companies demand that their consumer base pay immense amounts for their aftermarket wheels when in reality, there is no need for this stereotype that aftermarket wheels should only be for the wealthy. For honest deals from honest people, visit www.thechromepros.com.