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Cadillac Wheels

We have a giant selection of wheels to make your baby shine. Niche, Roxxy Dullie F Chrome 19" 625.00 Beautiful and Roxxy Dualle R Chrome 625.00 19" so impressive. Plus Veloche's Victory Chrome has a double spoke that becomes one spoke. So it then becomes a 10 spokes around a solid chrome 4"-5" thick inward wheel it is one of a kind 18"-20" and priced to sell at $239.00. They carry all kinds of Veloche wheels ranging from $190.00 to 239.00 and also Shooz 001-010 most Shooz wheels go for $280.00. They have many more affordable ranges from $145.00 to $625.00. I strongly recommend you check out the competitive pricing we have to offer before you go anywhere else. thechromepros.com

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